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VoIP Networking

With circuit switching you own the circuit for the duration of the phone call

Networking requires some form of inter-office conduit. Traditionally, this was either a point-to-point T1 pipe, TIE-LINE or Frame Relay, all retaining a substantial monthly fee.

Calls are transported via the companys VPN (Virtual Private Network) or even the public internet.

Voice calls require bandwidth that varies from system to system, but usually range from 16K to 48K per active call. The quality of VoIP calls can vary. Traditional T1 or TIE-LINE networking uses tried and true, dedicated circuit switching. With circuit switching you own the circuit for the duration of the call. However, VoIP transports the intelligence in packets. With packet switching, the transmission is sent in bits and pieces to be re-assembled at the other end. Packet switching is susceptible to errors in transport. With data, packets arriving out of sync can be re-assembled and made intelligable at the receiving end. Voice traffic must be coded and de-coded in real time. Sometimes the packets are scrambled resulting in what we call ROBO-VOICE (think Black Sabbaths Iron Man).

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