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END OF SALE NOTIFICATION: ShoreTel IP 100/200/500 Series

As your ShoreTel Provider, we would like to inform you of the recent announcement ShoreTel has made regarding the discontinuation of certain IP phone models. Please see the official notice posted below.

Reminder End of Sale Dates for 100/200/500 Series Phones
The following phone models are being discontinued: IP265, IP560G, IP115, IP230G, Button Box BB24. The end of sale dates for these products have been extended to June 30, 2016.

While we expect to be able to continue supplying these phones up to the end of sale dates noted, these dates are subject to change, and availability is limited to remaining inventories.

The 400 Series phones are ShoreTels principal portfolio of desk phones and the successor phone models to those being discontinued. A number of enhancements to the 400 series phones will be delivered in the coming months, and ShoreTel continues to invest in these.

*400 Series Phones require Version 14.0 software in order to function. Please contact General Communications to upgrade your software for maximum compatibility.

Software for Discontinued Phones:

ShoreTel plans to maintain software compatibility for current and future software releases between phones that are part of this current action. Full software compatibility will continue in future software releases for the foreseeable future.

Warranty Coverage for Discontinued Phones:

Existing ShoreTel warranty and support contracts on all 100/200/500 series phones will continue until the expiration date of the contract. Telephones will be eligible for support renewals for up to five years after the initial purchase date per the standard ShoreTel warranty policy. In the event that a 100/200/500 series phone fails in the field, ShoreTel reserves the right to replace the failed product with a similar or better product.

Successor Phones:

While an assessment of individual customer needs will determine which 400 series phones will be the best alternatives to the 100/200/500 series phones, general suggestions are provided here:

  • The IP420 is the successor to the IP100 and IP115 for entry level phones
  • The IP480 is the successor to the IP230 for basic office phone use
  • The IP480G is the successor to the IP230G and IP560G where gigabit Ethernet support is desired for general office use
  • The IP485G (to continue with color display) or IP480 is the successor to the IP265
  • The IP480 is the successor to the IP212K
  • The IP655 phone will continue to be available for the foreseeable future

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