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Training & Programming


We provide structured training programs for the most effective implementation of any new communications technology.

Training usually consists of classes at your facility conducted in groups of approximately ten employees who all share similar job duties, or who will be using the same type of telephone. The functionality of the system will be thoroughly discussed, activation of various features will be demonstrated, and employees will receive hands-on operation experience. Each employee will also receive a user guide to keep for future reference.

Your front-end staffs ability to answer and process incoming calls is critical. These staff members will receive special attention to ensure their complete familiarity and confidence with all the functions of your system.

Administrators will also be given instruction on maintaining the overall system. They will learn to make changes to the system in accordance with your service agreements. On the day of final installation and activation, our customer service representatives will be on-site to assist users in processing live calls.


General Communications will help you program your new telephone system and applications to fit your specific needs. From advanced Call Routing to complex Auto Attendant menus, Call Center Solutions, and Multi-Site Networking, GCC will make sure that the system is fully programmed and operable.

We provide additional programming changes at your request. Our technicians can make these changes remotely with your permission. If necessary, we will dispatch a technician to your site.