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Which Telephone system is Right for Your Employees and your Customers?

Premise-Based, Cloud-Based, or Hybrid IP-pbx Technologies

Choosing the right Telephone System has never been easier!



In today’s world companies have the choice of receiving their telecommunications from an on-site traditional or VoIP solution or from VoIP Services provided off-site from the cloud. GCC has the expertise to help you decide which is right for your business. Below is a primer that can help you see the forest through the trees:

Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud:

  • The cost of ownership for keeping server equipment software in the cloud is still an expense you will bear, but this will not be your immediate responsibility.
  • With cloud-based or hosted VoIP solutions you can get all of the advanced IP business communications features and benefits that you can with an on-premise system,
  • Reduces the need to buy, install or maintain your own core software and servers.

Benefits of Owning Your Telephone System

  • When the Internet is down so is your Cloud telephone system
  • Most issues with a cloud telephone system is your LAN ( local area network), how patient will your customers be while you contact a professional services team to identify and repair the network trouble? And what will your employees be doing during this down-time event?
  • On- premise requires manpower and diligence however, you are in control of the tools that allow your most critical assets (your employees) to service your customers and to wage war against your competitors.

What if You Could Have the Benefits of Both of these On-Premise and Cloud-based Phone Systems?

Leveraging its 36 years in business, General Communications possesses the expertise to help your staff determine the best solution that will  keep your  employees and your customers connected and communicating effectively to compliment  your company’s vision for your future.

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Which Solution Is Right For You?

Cloud-Based PBX

  • Fully managed solution
  • Local & nationwide long distance included
  • Perfect for connecting multiple locations
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Predictable monthly operating expense
  • Rich business app integration
  • Full BYOD mobility support
  • Incredible, reliable service
  • Fantastic call quality & reliability

On-Premises IP-PBX

  • Easy to administer and use
  • Low operating costs and maintenance
  • Perfect for large locations
  • Powerful collaboration applications
  • Capital expense
  • Rich business app integration
  • Full BYOD mobility support
  • Incredible, reliable service
  • Fantastic call quality & reliability

Hybrid Premise/Cloud IP-PBX

  • Integrated On-premise IP-pbx and cloud IP-pbx
  • The flexibility ease of IP-Mobility
  • Redundant Internet & carrier services
  • The on-site resources required to keep your business operational 24/7/360
  • The Cloud where you need and want it to grow your business efficiently and profitably

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As a leader in telecommunications technology, Toshiba is committed to designing and manufacturing America’s highest quality business communication systems. Toshiba telecommunication systems are renowned for superior quality, reliability and a migration strategy that allows you to keep much of your original equipment even as your business grows.
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