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In the early days...

A lady, well call her Mabel, answered calls from a switchboard and patched them to their intended party. If the called party was not available, a message was left with a friend or family member that someone was looking to speak to them. In some cases, a telegram was dispatched to the intended party. In the mid-1980s, voicemails became computerized around most of the world. Since then, Mabel has lost her position of most popular member of the Saturday Morning Tea Social Club.

It took twenty years of innovation for voicemail to evolve into an application that can truly assist both callers and message recipients. Today, advanced voicemail systems are called Unified Communications systems (UC). These UC systems not only collect voice messages, but emails and faxes as well.

Business owners have been able to increase employee productivity with UC systems because it has helped to reduce the time and management needed with checking messages from multiple sources. This new UC technology also incorporates the ability to track you down like a bloodhound. When it does find its target (you), there are any number of options that include having messages sent to a cell phone, an alternate PC or even read aloud to you. The UC systems of today can be setup to compliment your work style schedule for each day, week, month or year.

Since 1979, General Communications has been providing expert communication solutions to thousands of businesses in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, throughout the United States and internationally. We are here to help you with your voicemail, email, faxmail (unified messaging needs) today.

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Our Voicemail Systems


  • LVMU1A, GVPH, iES16, and iES32 models seamlessly integrate
  • your voice message processing on a single printed circuit card
  • inside your Strata CIX system - with no need for external
  • connections, standard telephone ports, or separate power
  • backup systems.
  • ES48 and ES96R2 server-based models are available ranging in size
  • from an 8-port desktop to a 96-port rack-mountable chassis. Each
  • platform is designed for incremental expansion that accepts one or
  • more Intel PCI peripheral boards in which to support voice and fax
  • applications.
  • Strata Media Application Server (MAS) available in 8-port or 32-port models, supports voice processing and all value-added applications integrated within one platform that connects to the Strata CIX via Ethernet. Applications include Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-To-Speech, Unified Messaging, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), ACD Reporting, Toshiba-approved 3rd party CTI applications, Info Manager Web-based telephone applications, FeatureFlex adaptability tools, and browser-based system administration.


  • Coral SeaMail is a built-in SIP-based voicemail application for Coral IPx Office and Sea Softswitch servers. SeaMail packs a lot of features, including advanced automated attendant functionality, several schedule-programmable operation modes, task automation, full convergence, flexible message handling, and customizable message routing programming.
  • SeaMail is a powerful unified voice messaging system for all your endpoints. It also supports Message Notification by lighting message waiting lamp on the users phone. SeaMail is available in two versions Basic and Enterprise. It is scalable from 4 to 8 ports and supplies your voicemail system with a virtually unlimited number of mailboxes.
  • Simplicity Voice Messaging Server An advanced voice messaging server, SIMPLICITY comes in versions for both small and large Coral IPx and Coral FlexiCom systems. Providing a minimum of 400 hours of voice storage, it can be licensed for 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 simultaneous voice sessions. SIMPLICITY boosts a comprehensive set of voice messaging features. SIMPLICITY is an ideal server for medium and large organizations that require sophisticated voice mail services but are reluctant to connect the server to their data network for unified messaging functionality.
  • uCMC - unified Coral Message Center: uCMC is an advanced unified messaging server. uCMC allows users to direct all types of messages (voice, fax, and email) to a single inbox that can be viewed and handled via the users computer. uCMC uses the same hardware as SIMPLICITY and comes in versions for both small and large Coral IPX and Coral FlexiCom systems. Licenses are available for 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 simultaneous voice sessions. The uCMC basic package comes with a license for 5 Unified Messaging users, which can be expanded up to an unlimited site license. uCMC is an ideal server for medium and large organizations that require highly sophisticated unified messaging services.
  • WiCMC Windows integrated Coral Message Center: WiCMC is Tadiran Telecoms most sophisticated integrated messaging application. WiCMC is a single integrated card that brings the flexibility of unified messaging to your IP exchange. WiCMC facilitates full integrated messaging via telephone and complete control of calls and messages from your desktop computer. It is scalable from 4 to 23 ports.

The TeLANophy package includes:

  • ViewMail for streamlining the messaging process using visual lists
  • ViewCall Plus for managing incoming and outgoing calls from your computer, with visual display of callers and contacts
  • WiCMC includes a call log feature, access to databases about callers and customizable settings, and interfaces with spreadsheets. WiCMC also offers the option of prompts in various languages.


The ShoreGear voicemail switch models offer integrated voice messaging and automated attendant capabilities. As with voice calls, ShoreTels distributed architecture ensures that access to voicemail is not interrupted in the event of a WAN failure.

Voicemail options ShoreGear 50V, ShoreGear 90V, and ShoreGear 90BRIV provide distributed and survivable voicemail and auto-attendant features at a remote office or site. These switches offer an integrated voicemail alternative to server-based voicemail solutions.

Model Voicemail Storage Mailboxes
ShoreGear 90/ ShoreGear 90V - / 56 hours - / 90
ShoreGear 90BRI/ ShoreGear 90BRIV - / 56 hours - / 90
ShoreGear 50/ ShoreGear 50V - / 22 hours - / 50