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Voice/Data Cabling and Installations

We staff a full service Voice & Data cabling department.

All cabling, wire, patch panels, routers, modems, plus all terminations for voice, data and fiber requirements are completed from initial survey, to quote, installation and testing. We guarantee all of our work for one year from installation.

By adhering to the above implementation process, we will accomplish your installation in the most orderly and efficient manner possible. General Communications Corporation assumes responsibility for timely and professional telecommunications installation according to a strict implementation schedule.

Our Process:

Signed Agreement, Lease Financing, Site survey, Floor-plan review planning meetings, Database collection, Pre-install consultation, Pre-configuring equipment & software, On-site deployment/preliminary installation of cable, wiring & hardware, Place devices (telephones, data sets, terminals, etc.), Test dial tone (trunks, lines, T1, Tie, DIDs, Data Lines, etc.), Connect dial tone, Test Hardware & Software, Perform group and individual user training, Finalize installation & Punchlist resolution Testing with Client, Additional on-site live Training, Phased implementation of telephony applications, Perform follow-up as Client requires.

Customer Responsibilities:

When you purchase a telecommunications system from General Communications Corporation, we become your technology partners and the role you play in the successful implementation of the system is a vital one. Open communication and cooperation are critical if the goals of the system are to be achieved as fully as possible.

What You Need To Do:

  1. Appoint a single source of contact.
  2. Assist in the preparation of a detailed floor plan for the accurate location of each telephone.
  3. Assist in the preparation of the software database to ensure proper system functionality.
  4. Schedule a time and space necessary for staff training.
  5. Require that your staff attend the training sessions.
  6. Provide access to your facilities for the installation crew.
  7. Ensure that all central equipment can be located in a clean, dry, well-lit, and well ventilated environment.
  8. Provide the necessary number of dedicated 110V AC outlets for the central equipment.
  9. Require that your staff treat the new equipment properly.
  10. Provide (1) Port of Power over Ethernet (PoE) switching for each ShoreTel telephone being installed. Excluding any new switches provided as part of this quote. Above all, promote in your staff a sense of enthusiasm about the enhanced productivity and efficiency that will result from the new business tool in which you have just invested.