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In todays world companies have the choice of receiving their telecommunications from an on-site traditional or VoIP solution or from VoIP Services provided off-site from the cloud. IP telephone systems are designed from the ground up to streamline the work of administrators and end users alike.

Whether you want to stop managing your phone system entirely and are looking for a cloud solution, or you want to maintain control and management and are looking for the best on-premises phone system, GCC has the expertise to help you decide which IP telephone system is right for your business.

IP Premises Solution

IP Telephone System hardware and software residing at a users location. Hardware in head office serves offsite branches and workers. Management is done by user IT resources.

VoIP Cloud Solution

A VoIP Integrated Services Provider (ISP) owns and manages all hardware and software located in a cluster of remote data centers for redundancy and security purposes. The ISP offers their services on a fixed monthly fee basis, usually inclusive of maintenance and moves adds and changes.

IP/VoIP Hybrid Telephone Solution

Integration of IP Premise and VoIP Cloud ip telephone system technologies. Typically a head office will use IP Premise, while smaller branch offices will use VoIP Cloud Telephone Services. Interoperability, feature matching and seamless integration between the two technologies is essential.

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