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Telrad A Division of WiseCom

General Communications has been an authorized Telrad dealer since 1981 and it is our longest continuously running product line. WiseCom has recently acquired Telrad. We support all Telrad systems. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide engineering, parts and service.

About WiseCom

WISE COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS (WiseCom) is a leading Telecommunications Solutions Provider, headquartered in the greater Tel Aviv area: Israels center of high-tech innovation and the countrys economic hub.

CEO Koresh Avrahami, one of Israels foremost telecom professionals, founded the company in 2005. With a well-rounded and extensive background in the field, including: former CEO of Globcall Communications Ltd., and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the prestigious Technion Institute of Technology, Mr. Avrahami is well-equipped to head the WiseCom team.

Positioned to serve the needs of the rapidly growing telecommunications industry worldwide, WiseCom offers IP-based communications solutions, specializing in upgrading traditional telephony systems and integrating them into an advanced technological platform. This includes selling, installing and providing full support for Telrad Connegy - PBX and VoIP solutions for organizations and businesses.

Constantly evolving to accommodate changing market demands as they arise, WiseCom recently acquired Telrad Connegy Ltd., and became the international providers of the full line of Telrad Connegy's outstanding communications products. WiseCom supports all of Telrad Connegy's current products and the research and development team is heavily invested in widening the product range. Until recently, Telrad Connegy's product lines sales reached over tens of millions of dollars and the acquisition enables WiseCom to renew distribution of its innovative products to customers, as well as offering new ones to the worldwide market. To additionally reinforce the WiseCom group, several top members of the Telrad Connegy team are joining.

Known for decades for providing the best quality solutions at competitive prices, Telrad Connegy has always been focused on solutions to the problem first, thinking about the practical implementation afterwards. WiseCom's purchase of the company ensures this quality will continue as always, as the companys highest priority is integrating complementary technologies to meet client needs and requirements, by implementing superior technological and engineering support. These goals ensure permanence and high quality throughout the products life cycle, meeting the precise needs and standards of each individual system.