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Who Is Tadiran Telecom?

Tadiran Heritage

Tadiran Telecom products have long been the standard by which other communications solutions are measured. Forming strategic alliances over the last 40 years, our products have been represented by some of the worlds largest telephone and communications companies including GTE (Verizon), Bell South, Sprint & Fujitsu. With a reputation for military-spec, telco-grade products, our ISO 9001 certified operations ensure the quality that has been chosen by military and federal government agencies, as well as some of the largest businesses in the world.

Big Enough to Pay Attention to the Smallest Details

Your voice is heard. At Tadiran Telecom our partners and customers enjoy true communications within our organization at all levels. Big enough to provide the value our customers demand. Nimble enough to know our partners. Responsive enough to ensure our mutual success.

Tadiran Products

Tadiran America is the North American reseller division of Tadiran Telecom. Tadiran America sells and supports a full line of telecommunications solutions through local and regional Business Partners. Our primary focus is to supply telephone and IP solutions suitable for small business and global organizations alike, weve been connecting people all over the world since 1979.

Proven Install-base and Presence in 41 Countries

Tadiran Telecom telecommunication systems are in service in over 100,000 locations with over 10 million ports installed. Tadiran Telecoms world-wide distribution includes distributors in every continent and 41 countries.

Tadiran has a system architecture that supports every type and size of business including Mission Critical Environments including:

Branch Office/VoIP; Small to Medium Office, Medium Enterprise; Large Enterprise; Mission Critical Environment

Tadiran VoIP

  • Full featured IP phones for remote workers
  • IP soft phone & hard phone options
  • Link multiple offices with VoIP
  • Support for 6 30,000 users
  • Self-healing VoIP design
  • Centralized administration
  • Same features on IP phone as digital phone

Coral Sea Softswitch - Distributed Communications

The Sea Softswitch shares no design elements with the Coral IPx line. With this new distributed design the system has a single database whether you have 1 server or 1,000 servers. It is a completely software-based system that supports standard IP gateways and endpoints.

Tadiran Phones

  • 208

  • 207

  • 281S

  • 280D

  • 280

  • 120D

  • 120

  • FlexAir

  • Coral SeaBeam Softphone

    The Coral SeaBeam is an advanced SIP softphone supporting voice, video, and much more. Includes video conferencing, six-party audio conferencing, on-demand call recording, and Microsoft Outlook integration.

Tadiran Voicemail


Imagine having instant access to every voice and e-mail message you receive no matter where you are. Now imagine being able to manage and respond to those messages by using a simple click of a mouse. Imagine a world in which you never miss another opportunity because you can respond faster to your customers requests. Thats the power of the Windows integrated Coral Message Center (WiCMC) unified communications system.

The Freedom of a Single Mailbox

The WiCMC unified communications solution offers you advanced unified messaging, voice mail and automated attendant functionality, helping your organization become more responsive than ever. Through its optional suite of unified messaging and desktop call management applications, WiCMC provides you with the most complete unified communications solution available.

The unified communications applications integrate WiCMC with your LAN to give you control over live telephone traffic and messages from your desktop PC. Designed to work with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise, these applications allow you to access all your messages from one familiar inbox. In addition, the View Call Plus module lets you handle live telephone traffic from your PC, and also works with the applications you use every day, such as Outlook contact list or Access database.

  • Works with Outlook, Lotus Notes and GroupWise.
  • All your voice messages in your inbox.
  • Save messages as wav files on your PC.
  • Forward messages as wav attachments to any email address.
  • Control inbound calls from your PC with View Call Plus.
  • Two platforms (inskin card and PC.)
  • Expands as your needs require.
  • Synchronizes your message waiting light with inbox.
  • Optional fax, email reader, voice recognition with PC system.

Tadiran Applications

Mobility & Wireless

Unleash Yourself from Your Office Phone with FlexiCall

The Gold Standard of Mobility, FlexiCall turns your cell phone (home phone or any phone) into virtual extension, regardless of location or wireless service provider. With FlexiCall, no matter where you are, a single phone number and mailbox is all youll need to handle your business calls.

You no longer have to worry about missing a call when away from your desk. With FlexiCall enacted, incoming calls will ring your desk set and cell phone simultaneously. Upon receiving an incoming call:

  • Answer your desk phone, your cell phone stops ringing.
  • Answer your cell phone; you can transfer the call to any extension or outside destination (including other cell phones).
  • Calls ringing your cell phone can be picked up at any extension letting your cell phone act as a remote ringer.
  • Unanswered calls forward to your Coral voicemail box providing a single message storage location.
  • FlexiCall - Bridging your Desk and Cell Phone

    You need only one phone number and need only to check one voice mail system for messages. FlexiCall integrates your desk phone and mobile number to make sure you have a chance to answer every call.

  • Freedom - In office Features from your Cell Phone

    Do you need to connect your traveling employees into the organization? Extend the Coral IPx system to users via their cellular or home telephones.

  • FlexAir - In-House Wireless Solutions

    With Coral FlexAir you get the fill features of a FlexSet Telephone in a convenient wireless handset.

  • FlexIP Soft Phone - Your PC is Your Phone Too

    Turn any multimedia PC into a full featured IP Telephone. For employees who travel, their laptop and a broadband connection means they have virtual office for voice too!

Mobility and Unified Communications - Sea Navigator

Sea Navigator is a Unified Communications desktop management tool designed to increase the communication efficiency of users.

Sea Mail - TadiraniCall - Outbound Dialing

TadiraniCall lets you easily disseminate messages to an audience of any size to communicate emergency notifications, status updates, or personalized reminders quickly and consistently.

Sea Mail - iQ - Intelligent Queuing

iQ enables sophisticated automatic call distribution scenarios through an intelligent queuing mechanism. Real-time queue monitoring, historical data, and a call record function allows you to analyze your call center so you can continuously improve your customer relationships, while optimizing the effectiveness of your agents.

Sea Mail - Viometrics - Voice Verification

Everyones voice is unique, just like a fingerprint. Viometrics enables organizations to use a convenient, non-intrusive, and cutting-edge technology to authenticate a persons identity based on their vocal pattern.

Presence and More; Productivity - Coral Navigator

Coral Navigator is a complete desktop management tool designed to increase the communication efficiency of users. Using familiar Outlook-like tools it provides users with an intuitive PC-based tool for getting the most from the Tadiran Coral IPx system.

Remote/Multi Site Admin - Coral View Designer

Organizations rely on their communication systems to reliably connect employees and customers. Keeping those systems performing to their capacity requires intuitive administration tools. The Coral View Designer provides an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface for configuring and managing all aspects of the Coral IPx communication servers.

Attendant PC software - Coral Flex Attendant

With this powerful desktop tool, attendants handle calls using a familiar, easy-to-use PC interface. Incoming calls can pop the screen and can be transferred with a simple click or single key stroke.

Collaboration - Conference Bridge Manager

Reduce costs by eliminating external conference hosts by using the built-in conference bridge(s) on the Coral IPx. Conferencing of 6 callers is standard without any signal loss on all of our systems. Six conference bridges with 14 callers each are available on the Coral IPx 500. And now you can use the Conference Bridge Manager software to schedule and invite attendees.

Tadiran Call Centers

Sea Navigator is a Unified Communications desktop management tool designed to increase the communication efficiency of users. Using familiar Outlook-like tools, it provides users with an intuitive tool for getting the most from the Sea Softswitchs powerful telephone and mobility features. Your Sea Navigator client is supported by any of Coral Sea Servers in your organization using Tadirans unique fully-replicated architecture. Now you can work closely with co-workers in remote sites.

  • Find and connect to people quickly
  • Find and connect to people quickly
  • See who is available, and by what means (phone, IM etc.)
  • Real-time alerts when your contact becomes available
  • See whos calling or sending an IM
  • Use IM to collaborate in real time with colleagues
  • Manage voicemail and contacts with Microsoft Outlook
  • Access many key features in a single place
  • Mobile workers are reachable anytime, anywhere
  • Minimize end-user training with a single interface
  • One click to answer and transfer calls
  • Faster call handling for front reception positions
  • Simplifies call hold and conference
  • Works alongside your desk phone or included softphone
  • Pops when you have an IM or new call
  • Powerful call log track all user activity

Sea Softswitch Web-based Portal

The Sea Softswitch portal is a multi-leveled unified management system that provides a centralized web-based GUI access point for all system programming.

  • System/Group Administrators have access to all pages in the portal and can manage all entities within their system, including user and trunk groups. In addition, administrators can configure system alerts, notifications, system performance monitoring, and historical reporting.
  • Users have access to a personalized portal for the purpose of modifying their own settings, including endpoints, call routing, and mobility rules.