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Premise-Based Phone Systems (Onsite)

Deciding to install a new premise-based phone system (Onsite) may buck the trend of cloud deployments, but there are still plenty of strategic reasons for your business to consider it.

Premise-Based Phone Systems (Onsite) are a Smart Choice When Local Control is Essential

Premise-based phone systems (Onsite) are a good fit for businesses who have IT resources at hand. If your IT staff is accustomed to managing and maintaining a premise-based phone system (whether TDM or IP), you may want to consider managing the service in-house. Some companies are required to control their own data for security or privacy reasons, so a premise-based phone system is right for them. Other companies simply feel more comfortable knowing that they are in control of all maintenance, management, and upgrades.

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Premise-Based Phone Systems are a Smart Choice For Companies Who Want to Leverage Current Investments

Your company is a good candidate for a premise-based phone system if you are already running your own data / call center. With the growth of virtualization, more and more businesses have eliminated redundant and expensive servers and instead rely on VMware and Hyper-V technologies to share hardware resources across an array of applications.

Deploying a virtualized communications platform on your industry-standard x86 servers makes good sense and increases your data center ROI. Companies that have multiple office locations across wide distances can even mix and match their onsite deployments, putting the virtual phone system at their headquarters while utilizing fail-safe, solid state voice switch appliances in field offices.

Premise-Based Phone Systems Help Capitalize Your Expenses

Some companies prefer to make long-range planning and investment part of their financial strategy. Institutions that prefer to capitalize major expenses, rather than incur recurring monthly operational expenses, are good candidates for a premise-based phone system.

Premise-Based Phone Systems Secure International Operations

Companies with international locations will often rely on premise-based phone systems in remote spots, even if they prefer that the majority of their employees be served by a cloud phone system provider. Global organizations want to trust their call handling, but in some locations, international public Internet may be less reliable. In these situations, a premise-based phone system makes sense, especially when combined with a hybrid solution that allows the onsite and cloud deployments to work as a unified system with full 4-digit extension dialing, call transfer and employee directories.

Premise-Based Phone Systems as a Strategic Choice

Your company has more options then ever when it comes to a new business phone system. When considering an on-premises communications platform, you should first review your current telephony situation. For example, are you connecting your phones to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) with a legacy, analog system like TDM? If you are, youll find immediate cost savings by making a change to voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service delivery. From a delivery standpoint, you could consider a hosted cloud PBX solution if your IT resources are limited; or you can choose a premise-based phone system and retain full operational management and control of your service.

Premise-Based Phone Systems Design & Support

GCC will design an IP phone system from the ground up with your employees and customers in mind to streamline the work of administrators and end users while providing a better customer experience. Whether you want to stop managing your phone system entirely and are looking for a cloud solution, or you want to maintain control and management and are looking for the best on-premises phone system, General Communications has the right telephone solution for your business and the support you need!

Purchasing a new business phone system is a big decision. Unified communications (UC) capabilities can give your organization new ways to communicate and collaborate. General Communications offers three choices when it comes to deploying your new phone system; onsite, in the cloud, or hybrid.

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