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Security/Surveillance Systems

These days, surveillance cameras arent just for property security. They are also for the protection of your employees and customers. Our High Definition surveillance cameras can be remotely monitored and are easily scalable and affordable!

Stay Informed

Motion automatically triggers video recording. Check-in on a cameras Live view from your internal network, and internet-connected computer, or via our smart phone apps.

No Monthly Monitoring Fees

Watch live, review recordings, set motion zones and receive alerts With no additional monthly monitoring or video storage fees. With General Communications Surveillance is everything you need to keep an eye on your business.

Invest in Your Security

General Communications Surveillance Systems are a safeguard, a deterrent, and a way to collect invaluable evidence. They have been keeping businesses, government buildings, public space and schools safe for decades. If you need an advanced, cost-effective, multi-function security system, General Communications has the right surveillance system for you. Invest in your security.

  • Surveillance cameras can be implemented into many locations at a single site as well as networked between multiple sites
  • Personalized positioning of High Definition cameras indoors or outdoors for a custom view you and that you can share with others
  • Monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world by simply typing an IP address into an internet browser

Toshiba IP Network cameras, Toshiba Security Cameras

Toshiba now offers a full line of video surveillance products ranging from IP network cameras and Analog CCTV cameras to LCD monitors and the Surveillex line of high-definition DVRs and NVRs. Toshiba IP cameras are lauded for their performance in low-light conditions and for their detailed image quality. They come in a range of styles that includes fixed network cameras, network PTZ domes, vandal-resistance domes, day/night PoE IP cameras and more.

There are many types of security cameras and many reasons to have them. Call us today so we can help you to determine what best fits your organizations needs. (781) 756-5100