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GCC Cloud Phone System Replaces Legacy PBX

When was the last time you upgraded your business phone system? 7 years ago? 10 years ago? Your legacy phone system may be costing more than you think. By opting for a cloud phone system you’ll lower resource costs, maintenance costs, infrastructure costs – you’ll also gain access to updated features, mobility capabilities, applications and tools. Having a cloud-based unified communications solution to support your business and your customers will make your business more profitable and competitive.

The Right Cloud Phone Solution Isn’t Just ANY cloud phone, it’s one that gives your customers:

A single, simplified way to manage their phones, contacts, instant messaging, conferencing, scheduling and video. Collaboration as easy as making a phone call. Your customers will also have the ability to check for presence, search for experts, send a quick instant message, turn it into a call, add participants, share their desktop, and get a problem solved pronto.

A secure and reliable cloud phone system should include Secure-Real-time Transfer Protocol SRTP reliability with the highest call quality, phones that are always up and running, reliable service, and an optimally balanced network.

Next, let’s talk about your phone system costs

  1. Maintenance

    With a cloud phone systems, maintenance contracts are a thing of the past. No more worries about receiving notices that products you’ve purchased nearing end of life. With a cloud phone system, all of the hassles of maintaining your phone system are gone at last.

    Once your warranty expires, your options are limited to a maintenance contract or paying for time and materials. When the manufacturer stops providing replacement parts, you’re stuck sourcing used parts on the internet. And, when you find the right part, you’re left wondering what condition it’s in and how long it might last – what a hassle…shopping eBay for parts.

  2. Moving, adding, or changing lines

    Scaling up and scaling down or relocating your business is easy with a cloud phone system. You won’t incur additional fees for configuration changes such as station attributes and trunk settings. With a cloud phone system it’s always on and your phone can automatically route to a mobile location, adding another layer to your availability.

  3. Predictable Monthly Fees And High Availability

    A single, predictable, monthly fee allows you to know exactly what you’re paying, and makes budget planning a snap. Additionally, network status is available to anyone in real-time. Any service interruptions, outages, and operation information is viewable live.

  4. The End of Carrier contracts and auto-renewals that lock you in

    With a cloud phone system you will long forget the last time you audited your phone bills and when your carrier contract is up for renewal. You will be able to focus on your business rather than having to deal with existing carrier contracts that auto-renew 60 to 90 days before the contract anniversary, triggering early termination fees.

Finally, we need to talk about the biggest cost of all

  1. Opportunity Costs

Moving to a cloud phone system allows you to focus on your core business. Leverage GCC’s 37 years in business to effortlessly and securely move your phone system to the cloud.

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