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Cloud-Based Phone Systems (Hosted)

Cloud-Based Phone Systems are a fully hosted and managed end-to-end UCaaS solution. The platform includes IP PBX telephony services, desk phones, mobility applications, a collaboration suite, softphone functionality, browser-based administration portal, and more.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Are Great For Your Bottom Line and Your Peace of Mind

In todays world most applications that you used to provide in house are now provided as a service (SAAS). Many people use outsourced IT specialists to maintain servers and work stations or choose to house their CRM applications in the cloud. The main reason is because of the cost of ownership for keeping equipment on premise. This requires manpower and diligence which could be used elsewhere to grow the business. Cloud-Based Phone Systems or Hosted VoIP solutions give your business all of the advanced IP business communications features and benefits of a Premise-Based Phone System without the need to buy, install or maintain your own core servers.

Convert your current capital expenditures to a fixed monthly amount that requires no maintenance contracts, while eliminating the backroom equipment that runs your telephone system where failure can happen. Theres no time like the present, find out how easy it is to get started!

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Cloud-Based Phone Systems (Hosted) Give Your Business Competitive Advantages

Rather than purchase, install, and maintain an application, users subscribe to a monthly service in which cloud applications (including cloud VoIP systems) are located in secure data centers, and vendors take responsibility for owning, configuring, and managing them. Businesses connect to these applications through the Internet or private connections.

  • Gain the benefits of an on-site PBX without having to buy the system
  • Reduce capital expenditure to purchase equipment
  • Budget exact telecommunication costs with fixed monthly fees
  • Avoid long-term lock-in to a premises-based system and/or vendor
  • Eliminate costly software upgrades
  • Avoid PBX equipment obsolescence
  • Save facility space and power by reducing telephone system equipment requirements
  • Eliminate the costs of system management
  • Easily expandable to support more users, locations and applications
  • Enjoy premium uptime with rigorous data center protections and integral survivability
  • Ability to migrate to an on-site system at any time

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Keep Users In Command Of Their Preferences And Customizations

The server resides in a secure, off-site data center, but users still have full control to personalize their own phones, call handling, messages and more, just as they would if the server were in the office. The actual physical location of the server is transparent to them. Using the administration application via their PCs, tablets or laptops, users securely access the phone system over the Web to:

  • Personalize telephone settings such as key button programming and call forwarding instructions
  • Retrieve information, such as voice mail or email messages and chat
  • Activate or deactivate phone features

Get Better Performance From Your Business Phone System

With the cloud service, your telephone system is managed by IT specialists in world-class data centers that have power protection, survivability and disaster recovery resources far beyond what any small business could provide. You dont have to worry about powering, maintaining or updating the server. We take care of all that in the cloud, and you always benefit from the latest firmware, software and features.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Make Businesses More Agile

With a cloud service, youre not locked into a long-term commitment to on-site equipment or a specific communications approach. Pay only for what you need today, and expand on demand. Its easy to open a new location or add seats to meet short-term or unexpected requirements. New applications are efficiently deployed and managed in the cloud rather than on individual devices. With this flexibility, the business can respond rapidly to new opportunities and changing market conditions.

What Is Required For Me To Migrate To The Cloud?

A reliable internet connection with a large bandwidth is required for seamless cloud service.

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