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Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging allows telephone users the ability to see their voicemails and faxes on their PCs similar to how they currently view their emails. There is a wide range of capabilities and offerings available. Unified Messaging is most useful where telephone users need to name & archive voicemails in addition to being able to listen to a particular voicemail rather than having to listen to all the voicemails in order to find the important calls.


Retrieve exact voice recordings of your messages no matter where you are. Get your messages accurately and timely.


Let work be something you do, not a defined location. Mobility Solutions allow you the freedom to do your job anywhere you need to do it. Our Mobility Solutions are a family of features that include cell phone linking to desk extensions, soft phones, and mobile twinning. Make your location invisible and irrelevant to the people who need to do business with you. Get your work done conveniently and efficiently, wherever you may be.

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

CTI unites the technologies of the PC, network or host computer with the capabilities of personal communication. It allows us to communicate quickly and more productively with less effort by merging the two most important and powerful business tools the computer and the telephone.

Auto Attendant / IVR

(IVR) Interactive Voice Response provides companies with the ability to use information such as Caller ID, DNIS, ANI in addition to verbal or DTMF responses from callers to assist in retrieving data form CRM software or other company data bases prior to connecting callers to customer service agents. IVR enhances a companys ability to service its customers with increased efficiency and more informatively. We have successfully helped our customers become very competitive and more responsive to their priority customers needs. We can speak in-depth with you regarding the potential benefits this technology may provide your business.

Auto Appointment Scheduling/Reminders

Have your own automatic personal assistant to call your customers to remind them of an appointment, and then have your customers confirm by touch or voice. This software easily integrates into the software you currently use, is customizable, and will save you time and money.

Audio Conferencing/Conference Bridges

Different from everyday conferencing. Conference bridge technology provides a very affordable way to conduct multiparty conferences with or without the need to have an internal person set up and tear down each session. Where internal supervision is not required, conferees may connect, disconnect and rejoin without affecting the remaining conferees. This feature is available to all conferees, internal and external.

From team building and collaboration among employees to powerful and productive client presentations, ConferTels audio and web conferencing services offer full flexibility and scalability. ConferTel brings you the power of personal contact to help your business connect more effectively and be more productive.

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In addition to paging in warehouses and plants, overhead paging can include zoned paging and Talk-Back paging applications. We can provide paging of every type for any business from small hardware/lumber stores to large manufacturing facilities.

CRM Integration

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a type of software that helps to manage all of your customer files and information, activities, sales and marketing. CRM allows for higher efficiency and customer satisfaction, productivity and cost reduction.

Multi-Office Networking

Qsig and VoIP are terrific protocols in multiple office connectivity. We have the capacity to provide end to end installation, programming, training and maintenance for all of your networked office requirements.

Screen Pops

Screen Pops provide telephone users and call center agents a view of the callers information on the users PC for more efficient and intelligent call handling. We can help you determine what is needed on your PC and on your network to activate screen pops for your users or call center agents.