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Multi-Office Networking

Connect your organization with a multi-office networking system so all your business locations can work, communicate, and share information easily, quickly, and cost effectively. We have the capacity to provide end to end installation, programming, training and maintenance for all of your networked office requirements.

Unify Your Network, Simply and Cost Effectively

Imagine a single system that does it all using your existing IP network; from voice to data to video combining the advantages of network-based telephony and the features of traditional PBX systems, all the while reducing your infrastructure, lowering capital expenditure and operational costs, and increasing productivity.

We have 1100 technology partners in 60 countries that support our customer endpoints throughout the US and other areas of the world.

Many businesses have IT departments that absolutely know the strength of their LAN/WAN architecture to handle Voice over IP (VoIP). For businesses that are uncertain of their networks ability to manage VoIP, General Communications provides remote and/or onsite verification of the networks capabilities.

Our multi-office networking systems also provide these important benefits:

  • Save money by avoiding costly long-distance charges on calls between various locations
  • Extend full telephone functionality to remote users via IP telephones connected to your private intranet or the Internet, providing full-featured desk phone capability to all users no matter where they are located
  • Reduce costs by transmitting voice calls via the Internet or your private intranet
  • Provide one integrated system for all your office locations by networking multiple phone systems to work together as one system
  • Share capabilities enterprise-wide, from centralized attendant services, a single voice mail system, and centralized call center operations, to simplified internal extension dialing, and SMDR
  • Turn a long-distance call into a local call by hopping off the network as needed

Our networking systems deliver a rich set of calling features across multiple systems throughout your enterprise:

  • Your users benefit from transparent dialing and simple feature operation
  • Advanced networking features include Centralized Voice Mail, Centralized Attendant, Network SMDR, and Station DSS button appearances across all nodes
  • Alternate Routing provides for toll bypass configurations and automatic recovery from network disruptions

If you need to connect your main office with branch locations and/or remote users, General Communications has the right networking solution for you. Let General Communications create a multi-site networking system that enables you to take full advantage of todays most advanced communications applications. Call (781) 756-5100 or click here to schedule a consultation and product demonstration.