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CRM - Customer Relationship Management


Today, telephony applications provide additional solutions to businesses of all sizes including web integration and wireless connectivity. Although the products are more flexible and easy to configure, many companies lack the expertise and/or man hours to successfully implement telephony applications inside their organizations. There are critical components to producing viable solutions. Seek professional experience to reduce the time required for ramp up knowledge.

Needs Assessment

Fully comprehend your organizations needs. Involve each and every department within your organization to know how this solution needs to work to benefit the companys goals. While some departments will receive a more defined benefit, you will need to find common ground buy-in on the total solution. If your employees will not use your product, then it will do you no good.

Keep It Simple

If you can visualize it, you can make it happen. Stay focused on the organizations primary vision. You are better to keep your product simple in the beginning and layer components as you go. This will instill the sense of confidence that your employees and customers will require to feel assured that your new process can handle their orders well and is creating productivity.


Training is crucial to your employees using the application fully. Form classes according to what each participants job demands of the product. Handouts are important, even though most will not read them. An easy-to-read guide can help instill the comfort that understanding the system will come with repeated use and that a fallback manual is available if they need it. Continue training until you are certain that employees are inputting data and documenting activity the way that you require. Never forget to remind yourself that what goes in determines what comes of it.

Maintenance & Support

Your organization will run smoothly and efficiently if you continue to methodically maintain & administer the system and keep the database information current. Do not allow difficulties that your employees view as roadblocks to divert the process you have worked diligently to put in place.

Based on an article by Sidney C. Lejfer, founder and president of Harvest Solutions (a Partner of General Communications)

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