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Computer Telephony Integration

General Communications Corporation believes that Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is not about technology any more than books are about ink and paper. CTI is an enabling technology it enables people to be more productive.

CTI unites the technologies of the PC, network or host computer with the capabilities of personal communication. It allows us to communicate quickly and more productively with less effort by merging the two most important and powerful business tools the computer and the telephone.

The ability to access the power of computer telephony has led to an explosion in applications ranging from call routing to unified messaging. These applications and others save time and money by increasing the speed and accuracy with which calls can be processed.

CTI is not a new concept. Until recently, the cost of implementing such technology was prohibitive. There was a high cost of development, a high cost for the underlying technology, and a high cost of support particularly for proprietary solutions.

The introduction of open standards permitting any computer system to talk to any phone system compliant with those standards changed that. CSTA, the international standard, TAPI from Intel and Microsoft, and TSAPI allow a computer application to work with many telephone systems much the way a software program can work with many printers. Its no longer a proprietary world.

Unified standards means decreased prices and, as a result, a dramatic increase in the development of CTI applications. General Communications Corporation can implement a customized computer telephony application for your business that increases your productivity.

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