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Call Accounting, Recording & Logging

Call Recording and Call Logging are tools used extensively to provide quality service and security in many different businesses who deploy telephone call center and data transfer applications. We can assist you in determining how best to use this technology and what legal concerns you should be aware of in notifying employees and customers.

dvsAnalytics Encore Voice Logging System

Integrating the latest telephone and data recording technology into a simple, reliable and affordable PC-platform package. Encore is a revolutionary product that will dramatically improve the way your Call Center operates.

With Encore, you can monitor, log, review, retrieve, organize, catalog, archive, and achieve virtually real-time verification in an easy-to-use Windows NT environment. You can work locally, via a wide-area network, over the Internet, or in the distributed workspace of a virtual call center. You can even call in by phone to listen to your agents, or if you run a service bureau you can give your clients a password and they can listen to their calls, but not those of your other clients.

Unlike other voice loggers, Encore operates independently of your PBX. Its multi-faceted interface includes a powerful web-based browser which assures an optimal logging solution. Encore also includes a high-impedance audio interface that connects directly to each agents telephone, a direct digital interface for proprietary desk sets from most major manufacturers, T-1, E-1 and ISDN, and a silent monitor/conference solution. With these choices, Encore not only provides more flexibility and options, but it can entirely eliminate the need for costly PBX-interface hardware and software for most applications.

Encore has been successfully deployed on virtually all major PBXs, ACDs, and Predictive Dialers, and back office MIS infrastructures.


  • Windows NT-based system provides power and flexibility in an industry standard platform.
  • Voice and on-screen data can be reviewed simultaneously.
  • Host control offers Hot key control from the agent terminal, VOX and CTI triggers.
  • Archive media options include DAT tape, DVD and writable CD-ROM.
  • Random access playback eliminates fast-forward and rewind time.
  • The system administrator designates who can have access to the system and who can modify the system.
  • Free seating is standard. By using Encores ECAPI or CT interface, more than one agent can occupy the same seat, allowing 24 hour service seven days a week.
  • Encore is PBX independent and fully scalable to grow with your call center. Its many interface options assure an optimal solution for every need.
  • Encore is priced well below competitive systems, with many standard features and benefits that others charge for.
  • Selectable recording rates. 24 kbps ADPCM standard, or 8 kps true speech optional

Benefits To Your Company:

  • Because it uses a Windows graphical format, Encore is extremely easy to learn and use. Online help is available with just the click of a mouse.
  • A seamless architecture provides for growth to hundreds of seats.
  • By integrating the power of database archiving with voice, Encore eliminates the need for cassette tapes that require human resources to archive and maintain.
  • The archive media options allow selective archiving of messages to send customers for review and feedback.
  • The dial-in review option lets service bureau customers listen to their conversations.
  • Encore's flexibility gives you options of real-time monitoring, selective review via browser, selective archiving by database fields and digital storage with fast, random access.